Western Cherokee Nation

P.O. Box 97

Salem, Missouri 65560-0097


During the last two years I have worked with the Tribal Council to bring much needed changes to our Government body. Both the Tribal Government and our Western Cherokee Corporation was in need of change.

Our first mission was to look at our Tribal Consistution. After much study it was decided to adopt the 1827 Counsistution written for the Cherokees by Sam Houstion, son of our late Chief John Jolly. We then brought it up to date to meet our needs.

Because the Council had no control over the operation of the Tribal Business, I worked with the Council to install a STRONG Council Government. This is the same type of Governmeent that our Late Chief John Jolly ued in 1819. As Chief I also sit as the Chiarperson over the Council. My Secretary is also a Coucil Chief as well as the Vic-Chief and Treasurer. Thus the Exective Council are the people who run the day to day operation of the Tribe and Corporation. Thie Western Cherokee Corporation is the business arm of the Tribe. They do all the business for the Tribe.

We have much more to do as Council. We have had to fight to get control of our Bank Accounts and Post Office Boxes. The tribal members voted to tranfer the School property to the Cherokee West Genealogy Research Association but the City of Salem choose to take the property back. The Council plans to address this mater at a later date.

Because the last adminatration lost our 501-c-3 status on our Western Cherokee Corporation, I have directed the Vic-Chief to address this problem and return our Corporation to a 501-c-3 Non-Profit status. This will allow us to accept donations. This also allows us to receive Grants for projects we might be working on. I plan to seek help with establishing Health Clincis where our members live. These clinics will be Sit up using the Neutral Herbal healing method These are closer to our Historical Health Care procedures.

One of the major problems the Council has been looking at is the Protocol used to let people join the tribe. Feb. 2012 we were given an opportunity to enter into a contract to satisfy that need. The Council engaged the Cherokee West Genealogy Research and Development Association to certify our members into the Western Cherokee nation. Our Tribe holds the Western Cherokee Name under the IRS Code EIN: 27-5194749.

All members must be certified by the Cherokee West Genealogy Center. I have ask the Center to process all the out standing applications before turning to our currant members. The Center has a protocol that places all members in Bands. Our new Constitution requires all members to Vote in their bands, election their Council Chiefs who will sit in the Western Cherokee Council Assembly. All members must submitt documents supporting the following: a. That a member of you family crossed the Mississippi before 1839. b. The Tribal village or River your family lived near. The Cherokee Blood member you claim to be your family member. Membership application can be printed off this site or send for a copy from our membership committee. You may also write the Research Center directly asking for the application.

Thank you and may you walk the red path.

Wanda Nash, Chief
Western Cherokee Nation