Western Cherokee Nation

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Welcome to the Western Cherokee page. As the newly elected Principal Chief of the Western Cherokee Nation, I want to express my gratitude for the Work Chief Wanda Nash has done these past four years of her Command. Her hard work and leadership has brought this Nation forward to a point that we have a solid Foundation to build our Tribal Government on. At this time we have engaged the Cherokee West Genealogy Research and Development Association to be the Certifying Agency for people into the Nation. Chief Nash pushed though a Historian contract with this organization last year too. Our people can be proud of her work and service to the Tribe. I am looking forward to our June Council meeting to Honor her for the great work she has done for our people.

Our next Council meeting will be on the 13 of June 2015 at Fort Chaffee Arkansas. We will be using the Chaffee Crossing Media Center for our business. Our Tribal Council always meets at 10:00 AM. At noon we break for lunch and return for the Non-Profit organization. During the past our Council has been meeting in Missouri. WE the Government of the Western Cherokee Tribe has no home base. Out True and Historic home is in Arkansas. As Chief, WE have returned home. We have many Historic Bands and committees though out Missouri and Arkansas, and many do live in Oklahoma. Our Council has been sponsored by many of them, but we need to be back Home. I plan to be here for the next four years of my term in office.

With less then three months under my belt as your Chief, I was not looking forward to finding a place for our Council To meet. There is so much work to do and our Nation is growing as our people renew their forms and documentation for Citizenship Their are many group that needs to be certified for membership. I will be working with each of these groups who are truly Western Cherokees.

I must say that I have been overwhelmed by the Help that both Fort Smith and Fort Chaffee has given me. Every one that I have met and have worked with to set our Council up to meet has just been fabulous. I am so grateful for the kindness and help. The Council and their families has been given the welcome mat at the Comfort Inn of Fort Smith. They are located at Exit 8B, Rogers Ave east. (hwy 22 east). They offer good rooms and a rate we are grateful to get.


Our links are www.westerncherokeenation.info and www,weesterncherokeenation.net.

Hershal H. Hobaugh

Principal Chief
Western Cherokee Nation

Chief Hershal H. Hobaugh