Thank you for visiting our site. After our late Chief John Jolly died, our land and dignity was taken from us. While the new states of Arkansas and Missouri took our land and forced the Western Cherokees to flee, the US Government did nothing to stand by the Treaties that were sign between our People. Most of the Western Cherokee people went underground as Black Dutch or Low Dutch. Those who could not pass as a Dutchman were run off their land by force. Not until 1859 did the US Government try to pay off the Western Cherokee People. Those that took the pay off were few. They are now known as "Old Settlers". The vast majority refused to give up their rights to Land, Minerals and Water as dictated in the Treaties signed by Chief John Jolly and his Council.

If your family history is shown to have Black Dutch or Low Dutch I welcome you to join me by submitting your family tree for research. Reclaim your families rightful place in History. Write me today. Chief Wanda Nash, P.O. Box 97, Salem, Missouri 65560

Council Chief Dean Motley Chief Wanda Nash Cherokee Kids
Council Chief Dean Motley taking the official oath of office from Chief Nash Chief Wanda Nash and new Western Cherokee Citizens Western Cherokee Kids taking to the pool during the 4th of July Cookout

Honorable Principle Chief Wanda Nash...............Tour as Chief....2010.......thru.....2014