Cherokee West Genealogy Research and Development Association

P.O. Box 241, Canadian, Oklahoma 74424-0241

Welcome to the Cherokee West Genealogy Research Center. Our Mission is to conduct genealogical and historical research on the Cherokees who come west before the forced removal of the Eastern bands. That means we do not focus upon those who came across the Mississippi River after 1838.

The first part of our mission is to research the customs, culture and history of the Cherokee West people.

The second part of our mission is to develop the Cherokee West Historic Assets, Captial and Property and to Preserve them for future generations.

The third part of our mission is to Qualify its people into the Western Cherokee Nation.

We are a non-profit charitable organization oriented toward the Preservation of the Cherokee West People and their Culture.

Incorporated in the State of Oklahoma: 9 June 2010

US Internal Revenue Service Non-Profit 501-3-c status granted: 13 July 2011

US Internal Revenue Service Mission Statement Letter: 24 Jan 2011.

EIN: 51-0583119

Robin Motley, Chairperson

Brittany Fisher, Vice-Chairperson

Public Notice:

Western Cherokee Nation Governing Body submititieed thier Pretition to be reconized on the 15th january 2016. Chief Hershal Hobaugh, received information that the Application was received by the Department of the Interior on the 26th of January and was in the process of being reviewed.

Aplications for membership can be down loaded from this site or you may call 918-339-6333 for a copy to be mailed to you. If you have faily members that are Western Cherokees, please make copies for them. Each application must have thier own complete set of files as instructed on the appliction. Supporting documations must be submitted with the application. You may call for information, leave your name and phone number so we can return the call. Other numbers that you can call for help and informaion are ViceChief Ruby Thorne at 918-484-5285 and Chief Hershal Hobaugh at 405-514-8809.


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A note from the Registrar: Because all our files will be inspected by the Department of the Interior, we ask you to complete the application with all supporting records for the family line you are claiming to be Western Cherokee. Send copies only. Each family member must have their own file and the Family Chart must start with their name.

Questions about your application can always be answered by our staff at (918) 339-6333. Our staff are volunteers so please leave a message if we do not answer the phone. Leave your Name and Phone number Please . If you are a member please have your roll number when calling. You may also reach the Registrar at

Thank you for your interest in the Western Cherokee Nation.

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