Cherokee West Genealogy Research and Development Association

P.O. Box 241, Canadian, Oklahoma 74424-0241

Welcome to the Cherokee West Genealogy Research Center. Our Mission is to conduct research on the Cherokees who come west before the force removal of the Eastern bands. That means we do not look at or are consern with thoses who come across the Mississippi River after 1838.

The first part of our mission states to research the customs, culture and history of the Cherokee West people.

The second part of our mission is to develope the Cherokee West Historic Assets, Captial and Property and Preserve them for future generations.

The third part of our mission is to Qualify its people into the Western Cherokee Nation.

We are a non-profit charitable organization oriented toward the Presevation of the Cherokee West People and thier Culture.

Incorporatied in the State of Oklahoma: 9 June 2010

US Internal Revenue Service Non-Profit 501-3-c status granted: 13 July 2011

US Internal Revenue Service Mission Statement Letter: 24 Jan 2011.

EIN: 51-0583119

Ruby Thorne, Chairman

Robin Motley, Vice-Chairmen

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