From Chief Hershal!

Citizens of the Nation. Since we submitted our Partition to the Office Of Acknowledgment, Department of Indian Affairs my staff and I have been very busy. There are many requirements that our office must meet and data to submit to their office. Please be partition with my staff during our Submission period

Chief Hershal Hobaugh Western Cherokees Nation Principal Chief
Who are we? We are the Cherokees who moved west of the Mississippi River before the Removal of 1838. Starting during the French/Indian wars, Cherokees moved west under treaties from King George IV, US Treaty of 1805 and 1817. We Honered and kept our part of each Treaty.
Many of our members ask for our address in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our Tribal Office is housed in the Corporations Building at 12912 Liberty Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72916. Our Tribal phone number is 479-434-2953.

If you have business to do with the Tribe, please go to the Corporation Office and use their mailing address. The Non-Profit Corporation conducts all business for the Tribe. The Mailing address is as follows:

Western Cherokee Corporation, P.O. Box 23280, Barling, Arkansas 72923. If you are sending in an application, please use this address. Our phone number is the same, 479-434-2953. My phone number is 405-514-8809. If you have any questions related to our Nation please fell free to call me.

Applications for Western Cherokee Citizenship
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For the Western Cherokee Citizens who have not brought their files up to date, please down load the applications forms and submitt them to the Membership Office as stated on the Forms. If you are a Western Cherokee (the Cherokees that moved west before the Removal of 1838) or Black Dutch who have never register, the follow are some items you need to complete on the Application Form.

1. Please print clearly.

2. Use your real name as listed on you birth record.

3. Provide a good 4X4 picture for your ID Card.

4. Complete your family tree back to a date before 1838.

5. You must state who the Cherokee is in your family Tree.

There are three protocols that determins your Citizenship. If your family moved west of the Mississippi River before the 1817 treaty you must show Cherokee Blood. You must list the location of your family. Prior to the 1817 Treaty many Cherokees had moved west. If you know the community leader your family had please list him/her on your application. If your family moved west under the 1817 Treaty, 1817-1838, you need to show the location they moved into and the community leader. If your family moved after the removal (1838) you must show Cherokee Blood and the location your family lived. Please call the membership Department if you have any questions.

Make shore you complete the application in full and sign it. Make you check or money order out to the Western Cherokee Corporation or Inc.